Thursday, October 13, 2005

"Lost" update

Haven't watched last night's episode ("Everybody Hates Hugo") yet - we've got it TiVo'd and it will be required viewing tonight.

Bag of Nothing has a FASCINATING post regarding some "Lost" websites:

Last week we learned about The Hanso Foundation which you can learn more about at, the fictional web site of the company who built the Bunker on the island. Interesting but not too deep.
Well, it turns out that is you add an “s” to the url to access a secure server, you get a completely different experience - A url, which leads you here. A mouse, a speceship sound, a weird soundtrack, and a Morse code title that translates to “a long time ago, on an island far, far away”.
My geekboy spine just shivered.
And then, if you add an “S” to THAT website,
you get this.

My skull is about to split wide open. This show is so frustrating, but I can't help myself. I am HOOKED!

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