Monday, October 17, 2005

A glorious weekend of football

Where do we start this Monday? Texas? USC? Cowboys? So much to choose from...

1. USC nearly blows it

The USC/Notre Dame game went about as I expected it to, with USC pulling out a squeaker. The Trojans do have three ranked teams left on the schedule (Cal, Fresno State, and UCLA), but I have to think this was the biggest test they're going to face all season. Gotta give it to them - they can light it up when they have to.

2. Texas rolls again

Texas clobbered Colorado about like everyone expected them to. They've got Tech next week, and the Red Raiders are putting up outrageous numbers, as usual. Tech hasn't played a defense like the 'Horns yet, and the game is in Austin. It might be entertaining, but, again, Texas SHOULD win.

3. Cowboys win ugly

Cowboys/Giants was predicted to be a shootout. It turned out to be anything but. A boring game with a lot of mistakes by both teams. Again, the Cowboys managed to hang on to win a game that they easily could have lost. Bledsoe continued to assert himself as the unquestioned leader of the team. Keyshawn had a couple of big grabs. Jose Cuervo (or whatever the kicker's name is) managed to not be the goat. It looks like Flozell Adams is gone for the year, which is worse news than it might seem - Flozell is one of those guys who you hate right up until he's gone.

4. Patriots - what is up?

I had predicted that the wheels would be back on this week. Denver is a tough place to play, but this is when Brady usually shines. Have the injuries FINALLY taken the toll? They've got the bye this week, then Buffalo. Sounds like just the recipe for getting things sorted out.

All in all, a good Sunday for the boys in silver-n-blue and a good weekend for most of the college teams I care about. We'll let next week take care of next week.

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