Friday, October 07, 2005

Football time again

Yikes! Another week gone and it's time to talk football.

Here in Dallas, there's nothing to talk about except Texas-OU. This should be the year for the burnt-orange, they've got all the horses and OU is struggling worse than any other time in the Bob Stoops era. I'd like nothing more than to see Texas demolish the Sooners, but there's a voice in the back of my head that keeps repeating, "Mack Brown" in a mocking manner.

ALL of the pressure is on Texas. I get the feeling that Vince Young is not terribly affected (or is it effected?) by pressure. He's just too cool for that. But Coach Brown - I just bet he's got a case of lower GI problems that would make Bluto Blutarsky queasy. I think the team is good enough to overcome their so-tense-his-head-may-implode coach, so it says here Longhorns 27 Sooners 10.

In other games of note:

UGA @ Tenn - Another battle of ranked rednecks. A buddy of mine (Johnnie-boy, for those of you who know him) is a Georgia lifer, so I'll lean that way in his honor.

Marshall @ Va Tech - The Hokies are pretty scary. Marcus Vick is a sorry human, but he's got talent. Marshall squeaked by SMU last week, and my daughter's Indian Princess tribe could probably do that.

Arizona @ USC - Speaking of scary, this one might be more interesting if it was the Arizona Cardinals at USC, instead of the Wildcats. On the other hand, maybe it wouldn't.

A&M @ Colorado - A&M should have lost to Baylor. The righteous fury of the Baptists rubs off on God and Coach Fran & Co. get stomped in this one.

In the NFL:

Saints @ Green Bay - Displaced hurricane refugees around the country are inspired by the fact that they no longer have to cheer for the Saints.

Bears @ Browns - Displaced hurricane refugees are further inspired because they didn't get relocated to Chicago or Cleveland. Except for those that were.

Pats @ Atlanta - There is NO WAY the Pats lose this one. I would bet my buddy Joe's life on it, except he already has.

Eagles @ Cowboys - Much as I hate to say it, I don't see any way the Cowboys hang in this one. McNabb and TO may set a few records against this secondary, and the Eagles D is going to do bad things to the overrated left side of the Cowboys O line.

Cincinnati @ Jacksonville - Who would have thought that this is the best game of the week?

Steelers @ San D - The 2nd best game of the week. LT (still can't used to using those initials for anyone other than the original) is pure greatness, and from TCU of all places.

Go (your team here)!


Anonymous said...

I was talking to the young strapping men in my classroom only today about how they held their prospects on the gridiron tonight, lit by the hopes and dreams of their fathers who once basked in the glory that is high school football. They said fine. Then I asked them to spell prospects and they started weeping. What is it about our culture that has taken the Greek virtue of harmony between the mind and the body and tilted so dangerously towards the side of the meat. As our culture slowly turns its back on the life of the mind, to what is it turning to exactly. Our celebration of sports does demean us in some ways, does it not? Don't get me wrong, I love to crash prone,naked to my shorts, smack in front of the TV and watch me some football. But is this the moment of greatness promised to us by our college professors? Whatever. I'm drunk anyway.

PHE said...

Dan, is that you?