Friday, October 07, 2005

A golf tourney I'd like for you to know about

The wifey asked me to blog this, and I'm happy to. We'll leave out the part about her asking me daily for the past week and just get to the part where I actually do it.

As some of you know, little Drewbie (our 5-year-old son) has a metabolic disorder known as tyrosinemia. This disorder is RARE, so rare that there's not really an organization that supports it.

More common, and very similar, is a metabolic disorder known as PKU. Because there are many more PKU kids than tyrosinemia kids, and because the disorders are so similar, we tend to hang with the PKU families for strength in numbers.

The PKU Association of North Texas is holding it's annual fund-raiser - a golf tournament at Pecan Hollow in Plano, on 10/28. Info is available on-line, or you can email me at

Thanks in advance!

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