Friday, October 14, 2005

Football Friday

Another week of your life gone and time to talk football weekend.

College games of note this week:

Colorado @ Texas - Coming off the gi-normous win over OU, can Vince and the boys get up for the pesky Buffaloes? One thing positive to say about Mack Brown: History shows that he's able to refocus his team from week to week. The post-game scene in the Cotton Bowl last week seemed to indicate that the 'Horns realize they have a ways to go before the National Championship. Texas is giving 17, which should be a pretty good bet. I look for Texas big (can't believe I'm saying that).

USC @ Notre Dame - USC seems to be able to spot teams two or three touchdowns with no problem. Can they pull the same trick in South Bend against what looks like a pretty good Irish team? Notre Dame is getting 12, and I think USC is getting primed to take a fall. Notre Dame in a shocker? Lot's of folks are predicting it. I'm not ready to go that far.

Penn State @ Michigan - Would somebody please put a bullet in the Joe Paterno feel-good story? I'll be pulling for Michigan to do more than cover - they should win.

Alabama @ Mississippi - The redneck game of the week. I like Coors over Budweiser by two six packs and a mortal lock to go way over the 2 packs of Winstons over-under.

OK State @ A&M - If the Aggies don't win this one, Coach Fran is going to find himself the most unpopular man in Central Texas since David Koresh.

North Texas @ Florida International - I hear this game is being played in a parking lot with some disgruntled Cuban refugees performing at halftime. Don't know if it's true.

Boston University vs. the ghost of Jim English - For the 100th week in a row, we'll be mourning the demise of the Fightin' Terriers football program.

And in the pros:

Giants @ Cowboys - The Cowboys obviously showed something last week. Can they do it two weeks in a row. Recent history suggests not. I fear a long day at the Partially Domed Rathole on 114. Of course, I said that last week...

Pats @ Denver - The Patriots return to their expected glory. A stomping of the highest order (get it - the game's in Denver, which is really high - ha ha).

Jets @ Buffalo - I've included this to pacify my buddy Ace. I hear that both teams will be taking pre-game auditions for QB. Sorry, Matt. That's all the interest I can summon for this game.

Washington @ KC - Arrowhead is a graveyard for over-rated teams. The Skins wake up Monday morning to find themselves in an unmarked grave next to Steve Pelleur.

Atlanta @ New Orleans (sort of) - Easily the biggest event to hit the Alamodome since the Monster Truck Summernationals. Sunday sunday sunday...

Houston @ Seattle - Ratings for "Desperate Housewives" should be way up this week.

Go (your team here)!


Deke said...

If the Ags lose then tar and feather stocks raise dramatically in Brazos County.


Class of 79

ace said...


ace said...

Okay, my comments. I only have a few minutes because I'm on my way to a Minnesota Vikings swingers party. So, here goes:

With apologies to my brother, who is 2000 graduate of CU, Texas should roll today. Vince Young is a stud - a team like the Jets could use a guy like that next year. Which, unfortunately for us Jet fans, won't happen - because the Jets will be a playoff team this year. Noboby realizes just how good that defense is, and how just SOME production from the offense will be good enough to win 10 games this year.

PHE said...

Deke, I guess coach Fran gets to live on, tar-free for another week.

K State may do him in, I'm sorry to say.