Friday, October 27, 2006

Football Friday - It Is OVER edition

WHAT A WEEK! The good news is the Cowboys implosion has really just started. The finger-pointing and blame-avoidance needs a few more weeks (and a few more losses) to gather some momentum. The big TO Owens weapons-grade meltdown is always just around the corner as well. What a mess.

Well, regardless of the utter foolishness going on out at Valley Ranch, the rest of the world is still playing football. There are some big games this weekend, so let's get to it:


Oklahoma @ Missouri - The Sooners are one banged-up team. There isn't much left on the shelves and even the superior sports intellect of Coach Stoops isn't going to pull it out of the ditch this year. The Tigers are giving a point and a half, and should have no trouble covering it. Chase Daniel is worth keeping an eye on.

Auburn @ Mississippi - This would be the Redneck Game of the Week, if it weren't for that big to-do down in Jacksonville. I guess in this day and age, it's unlikely anyone attends the game in Klan robes, but it's always a possibility with a matchup like this. Mississippi gets 19, but I'd lay those points and go with the War Eagles/Tigers/whatever their mascot is.

Georgia vs. Florida in Jacksonville - The undisputed Redneck Game of the Week every year. We're not allowed to call it "The World's Largest Cocktail Party" anymore, but I always thought that was a misnomer anyway. C'mon, it's Georgia and Florida. These guys mix beer and tomato juice, not apple martinis. Florida is giving 14, which is an awful lot in a rivalry game. Florida wins the game, but I'm taking the points.

Texas @ Texas Tech - The Red Raiders get 11 here, but they are really bad this year. It's a sad state of affairs when a Mike Leach team struggles to score points. I don't think the 'Horns are an offensive juggernaut, but they should whip up on Tech. Sorry, Shane.

Texas A&M @ Baylor - As mentioned here a few weeks ago, God is not happy with the Ags over their non-conference schedule. Here's where the Almighty extracts Old Testament-style justice. Baylor may win by 50 points. I'd be on the lookout for a few lightening bolts as well.

Tennessee @ South Carolina - Which Volunteers team shows up here? I think the good one, and I think Phil's boys cover the 3.5.

Boston University vs. the ghost of Pat Mancini - The former Terrier QB actually stopped by little CIT last season and left a comment. Nice to hear from him.


Seahawks @ Chiefs - Seattle has no one healthy, and I think they're going to need most of the 6.5 they're getting. Chiefs win, but Seattle covers.

Baltimore @ New Orleans - It's a strange NFL world when the Saints are favored against the Ravens, but that's where we are. I'm trying hard to be a Saints believer, so put me down for New Orleans to cover the 2.5.

Pittsburgh @ Oakland - Big Ben or no Big Ben, 9 point favorite Pittsburgh should mop the floor with the shockingly bad Raiders.

Colts @ Denver - Indianapolis is a 2 point dog. How is a team with Jake (the Fake) Plummer favored over a team led by Peyton Manning? Give me those points.

Dallas @ Carolina - Oh. My. God. Is there a mercy rule in the NFL like in grade-school baseball? If the score is 75-0, do they make Carolina stop? We'll find out this week. Next week should be even MORE entertaining than this past week around the DFW Metroplex of Love.

New England @ Minnesota - Why is no one talking about the Pats? Maybe they'll get some pub after wiping out the Vikings on prime-time TV.

Comedic Value Game of the Week - As is often the case, we've got two to choose from. Houston @ Tennessee is not a good game, but there's some interest as the Texans get to see what they passed up in Vince Young. And don't forget Arizona @ Green Bay, which I can't even find the words to mock.

Go (insert your team here)!

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