Monday, October 16, 2006

Uncle Barky needs your help

For those of you who reside in the mighty Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex of Love, allow me to submit a new blog and website for your perusal: Ed Bark, the long-time DMN TV critic, also known around these parts as “Uncle Barky”, is now online, and it’s pure Internet goodness.

You may or may not know that Uncle Barky has left the no-longer-nurturing biosphere of Belo after a, shall we say, difference of opinion with the most senior of senior DMN management. This is DMN’s loss (and God knows they’ve suffered a few of them recently – Jean-Jacques Taylor is now a SportsDay columnist, for God’s sake), but the Internet’s gain.

There’s a link to Uncle Barky on the left side of CIT, for your linking pleasure. I suggest you visit early and visit often, and absorb all the pop-culture morsels Ed so liberally sprinkles about.

Tell ‘em CIT sent you!


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