Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Texas A&M is one strange place

As a life-long fan of the University of Texas, I've always looked upon Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University (Texas A&M) as a bit like a really weird cousin. As an institution, A&M has an excellent academic reputation, but is chock full of bizarre traditions, sadistic nuts of questionable sexual orientation, a massive inferiority complex, and sad, skinny little white boys with bad haircuts playing soldier.

A&M's main purpose within Texas is to provide a never-ending source of fodder for jokes. Unfortunately, their main purpose outside of Texas appears to be embarrassing the rest of us on national television.

The clip below is from this past weekend's A&M loss to the Red Raiders. It's the A&M Corp of Cadets (those sad, skinny little white boys and sadistic nuts I mentioned above) doing something I cannot explain.

Folks, we're not all like this. Most of us are as mystified as you are.

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