Tuesday, October 17, 2006

North Koreans really are nuts

North Korea's government has finally responded to the UN's call for sanctions. Calling it a "declaration of war", the North went on to pound it's chest over it's new status as a nuclear power.

In related news, US intelligence agencies have finally confirmed the NK's test as a nuclear explosion, albeit a very, very small one.

There was never any doubt the NKs are friggin' crazy, certainly by Western standards. Even the Chinese seem to have no idea how to deal w/ Kim and his fellow-suicide-pact-signees. The current exchange of "dialogue" between the entire world and the delusional bullies in Pyongyang would be funny if it weren't so scary.

What's to be done here? I have no answers, but I feel strongly that the solution involves China and other Asian nations a lot more than it does the US. The Chinese are the only ones who have any sort of hammer when it comes to NK, and they certainly have the political will to do just about anything. The only problem here is that we can count on China to do what's best for China, not necessarily what's best for everyone else. Of course, that just means the Chinese are just like every other nation on Earth.

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Cap It said...

I have been reviewing some of your earlier blog posts, good stuff. I have a blog of my own, but am too lazy to do anything with it…

Points on earlier posts:
- Laser TV post: I recently purchased a Samsung 46” HD flat panel. Man, I tell ya, when I’m watching HD programming, I get a mean case of ‘perma smile’. The picture really crisp. I hadn’t even heard of Laser TV until I read your blog.
o I think it is cute when you tell the ankle-biters at Best Buy you want to pull the trigger on a new flat panel worth, say, X. The 1st thing they do is march you into the Magnolia audio lounge to try to get you to purchase a surround sound home theatre with self-correcting gobblety, or some such, worth say 1.5 - 2X. All I could do was giggle and tell them that would have to wait for Phase II, after I win the lottery.
- LOST post: I’m with you. I still like the show, and I’m committed to it, but I think my expectations are greater than what they’re delivering. I want some some answers to the BIG questions, and soon.
o Have you tried “The Nine”? I predict failure. Just like “Invasion” last year – although I really liked that show in the beginning.

Anyway, good blog. I should really do something with mine. It just seems easier to read someone else’s than type my own thoughts.