Thursday, October 19, 2006

Interesting marketing strategy of the day

In the new "energy drink" market, having a high-powered product name is at least half the game. Concoctions like "Rock Star", "Vault", "Full Throttle", etc cover the shelves of your neighborhood 7-11. They're all basically the same thing - loads of sugar and caffeine, with an amino acid or two thrown in for the sake of fake science. It's really the packaging, the marketing, and, in no small part, the name that drive sales.

Here's an energy drink from our friends in the Czech Republic which takes the high-powered name thing to a new level. "Semtex" just might cause some discomfort to the friends and families of the thousands of victims of terrorist bombs, often made of the real Semtex, which have been killing people for 40 years.

It'll grab your attention, though, won't it?

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