Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Frisco teacher imbroglio – the saga continues

Last week, we wrote a bit about the adventures of 5th grade art teacher Sydney McGee in her crusade against the Frisco Independent School District. You remember the story: McGee’s contract has not been picked up for next year, so she starts hollering about how a kid saw some nude art on McGee’s class field trip to the Dallas Museum of Art, the parent complained, and FISD fired her.

As we now know, McGee has had issues with the neighboring McKinney ISD in the past. In addition, some more info has come to light regarding her troubles at FISD, which long predate the field trip and its fallout. Furthermore, FISD has gone out of its way to say McGee’s trouble has nothing to do with the field trip, as FISD students have been going to the DMA for years and will continue to do so.

McGee continues to lie about the situation, most recently to Matt Lauer on the Today Show. FISD has posted a very clear rebuttal of McGee’s false claims (along with several made by NBC via Lauer) on their Web site.

FISD is by no means perfect, but this story continues to make me angry. I have no idea what Sydney McGee’s agenda is, or how she wants this to end. Her continued lies and misrepresentations, however, will only cause it to end badly for everyone involved.


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