Monday, November 28, 2005

Very disturbing Jon Daniels quote

Rangers' boy-wonder GM Jon Daniels was the subject of a nice article in Newsday last week. However, buried down in the love-fest is a quote that nearly knocked me out of my chair:
Nevertheless, Daniels stressed at the GMs' meetings, "We're not the
Yankees. We're not the Mets. We're not the Red Sox. We are a
mid-to-lower-third-tier-payroll team. For us to accomplish our goals, we're
going to need to continually be developing our own players.

Excuse me? "...mid-to-lower-third-tier-payroll team..."??? I don't know exactly where D/FW ranks in the nation's media markets, but I would venture to guess that it's top 10 and maybe top 5. There are 30 teams in MLB.

What is wrong with this picture?

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