Friday, November 25, 2005

Big football weekend

After going 2 for 2 yesterday, let's take a look at the rest of the big weekend of college and pro football.


Texas @ A&M - As long as the 'Horns aren't looking ahead to the Rose Bowl, this should be no problem. A&M will be all fired up, but it's not going to do them any good. The Longhorns are 27.5 point favorites, which is an awful lot. I might take some of that, but Texas will win the game handily.

Oklahoma St @ Oklahoma - The Sooners should be good and pissed (and rightly so) over the giant shaft they got in Lubbock last week. OK St is always competitive in this game, but OU should win and cover the 19.5.

Florida St @ Florida - What is up w/ Florida St? They are going backwards just when it really counts. Urban and Co may very well win this one.

Georgia @ Georgia Tech - My vote for Redneck Game of the Week, just because I'm such a non-fan of the entire state. Chan Gailey looks like Knute Friggin' Rockne now that he's whupped up on Miami. I got some news for y'all - he's not that great. Georgia rolls.

North Carolina @ VA Tech - The Hokies can still go to the ACC title game, and quite possibly a BCS bowl. They have plenty of motivation and showed a little something in their bounce-back last week. Go Hokies!

Boston University vs the ghost of Billy Brooks - The biggest success ever to come out of the Fightin' Terriers program, I hope Billy is doing well in his post-NFL career. I am sure he's doing just fine.


Chicago @ Tampa Bay - Huh? Both of these teams are 7-3? How did that happen? The Bears can play defense, and Chris Simms is still the Bucs QB. I foresee bad things for Tampa Bay.

Pats @ KC - A big test for the Pats - we'll see if the newly reattached wheels stay on. I think so, but I wouldn't have picked the Pats for a 6-4 record at this point, so proceed to the sports book with caution.

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis - The Colts are for-effing-real. Their offense is scary, and their defense is much improved. Big Ben is back for this one, but I don't think it matters. The Colts have a better shot at 16-0 than any team I can remember.

Giants @ Seattle - Is Eli ready for this? The biggest test for him yet. Much as I'd like to say otherwise (Holy crap, I'm turning into a Giants fan), I don't think the Giants have enough to beat Seattle at home.

Green Bay @ Philadelphia - Neither team is far removed from their period of greatness, but both are circling the drain this year. I think the Eagles are done. Combine that with the fact that I think Favre still cares, and it looks to me like a Packers victory.

Comedic Value Game of the Week - There's a bumper crop of bad games this week - Cleveland-Minnesota, SF-Tennessee, Miami-Oakland, Rams-Texans, and others. So many to choose from. However, to me, the silliest game of the week is New Orleans @ NYJ. The Saints are favored by 1 for two reasons: The Jets starting QB will be a Frankensteinian mash-up of the upper half of Pat Ryan and the legs of Boomer Esiason, and the Vegas computers will die a Y2K-like death if a spread were entered as a negative number.

Go (your team here)!

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