Monday, December 05, 2005

Sports recap

Obviously no football preview this past weekend. The next best thing is a recap (isn't it?).

Our fondest hopes have been realized: Texas and USC have reached the Rose Bowl undefeated. This is no validation of the BCS and it's silly system - a three-year-old Laoation child could have picked #1 and #2 this year. Both teams demolished their final opponents, answering any faint, lingering questions about their legitimacy. Texas fired the first shot in the hopefully-dull war of words, with Rod Wright saying they intend to "dominate" USC.

There will be lots written and said about this game in the month (?!?) we've got to prepare. ALl I'm going to say right now is this: Man, what a game this is going to be. It's hard to pick against USC. Leinart, Bush, White, and the rest - how many of these guys are going to be stars in the NFL? But Texas has it's own stars. Vince is from another planet, running backs all over the place, and SPEED everywhere. I can't wait!!

As for the pros:

The Cowboys were exposed yesterday, beaten by a very average Giants team. The Cowboys' offensive line play was nothing short of horrible. Is Bledsoe in the feared "second half melt-down" we've been warned about? Julius Jones is still looking for his first 100 yard game of the year. Parcells wants to pound away with the running game and physically beat the opposition up front. It sure looks to me like he doesn't have the personnel to do that, and I see no signs of Plan B. The playoffs are not a gimme. We'll see what the Pear-Shaped Genius comes up with for KC.

The Colts keep rolling. What does Dungy do the last few games of the season? He's already said that 16-0 is not the goal, and he's right. However, this team is the most likely to pull it off in recent memory.

And finally, since Seattle is home away from home for a few weeks, we have to turn attention to the Seabags. I'm watching them DESTROY Philadelphia right now, and it occurs to me that it's time to give them their due. Shaun Alexander is all that this year. The rest of the offense is good enough. And their defense is stout. Plus, you have to ask who in the NFC is any better? Um, yeah. Pretty much case closed on that.

More about the Rose Bowl and Cowboys-KC later in the week.

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