Saturday, December 31, 2005

Did I forget the Rose Bowl?

Had an emailer ask me about the National Championship Game, asking why I had nothing to say on it. It's not so much that I don't have anything to say. I just don't have anything to say that hasn't already been said by 500 other people.

However, since it is right around the corner (sort of), I guess I should record my thoughts for posterity.

First and foremost - I can't remember a college football game I was looking forward to more. I remember really anticipating the regular season game between Switzer's Sooners and Jimmy's Hurricanes back in 1986, but it was nothing like this. I'm literally trying not to think about it because when I do, I can't wait for it.

Which way does it go? I've got a gut feeling that Texas is going to hang in there til the bitter end, and I really think the 'Horns have a legit shot at winning. Their defense is tougher than anything USC has faced, and everyone on the UT offense can run like crazy. I think the weakest unit on the field will be the Trojan defensive secondary. If Texas can get the running game going (and they have against everyone they've played), I think things will loosen up enough that Vince will win the game through the air.

What can go wrong? Only about a million things:

Mack could have a total meltdown and start calling plays from the 1993 Tarheels playbook. It's certainly a possibility, but it really seems to me that Texas has pretty much thrown out the playbook this year. Doesn't it look like Brown's main contribution to the offense each week is shouting out, "Go win the game, Vince."? It appears that way to me.

Reggie Bush could really be as unstoppable as he's looked. Maybe he is. He's been a man among boys the past few games, but none of those have been against a Texas-caliber defense.

Matt Leinart could be the second coming of Roger Staubach. I have no evidence to indicate that he's not.

Pete Carroll could really be a college football genius. If he is, he'll be the only one on the field, because Mack Brown sure ain't. However, I can't get the picture of a clueless Carroll patrolling the Jets and Pats sidelines in the 90s out of my head. He sure wasn't a football genius in those days. Maybe he's sold his soul to Old Scratch since then. It's possible. He is in LA, after all.

I can think of about a zillion scenarios where the 'Horns get their asses handed to them by USC. However, when I shake off the paranoia, I still think that this is the year.

Come on Jan 4!!!

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