Thursday, December 29, 2005

Meet the new Rangers ace

Here's an MSNBC article covering the BIG Kevin Millwood press conference in Arlington today. I can't tell you how excited I am about this signing.

The headline of the article stopped me in my tracks - "Texas' commitment to winning sways Millwood". In years past, I would have completely laughed this off. The only commitment the Rangers have shown lately is to padding Big Dumb Tom's wallet. Not this year. Time will tell if this is the pivotal offseason, but the addition of Millwood, Eaton, and Padilla, with the possibility still out there that Clemens will be here too, and the loss of very little (with the exception of Soriano - that one may hurt) means that we've witnessed the Rangers' single best free-agent expedition in the past 20 years and maybe ever.

I am JACKED UP about this year. There are still questions in the bullpen, but there always are. The DVD boys are in the wings, Frankie Francisco ought to be back with some anger management under his belt, Coco Cordero has been automatic the past couple of years, Otsuka ought to bring something, and the offense shouldn't miss much even without Soriano.

Let's GO!!

UPDATE: The great TR Sullivan in the Fort Worth Startlegram lists the 10 biggest free-agent signings in Rangers' history. This one is bigger than any of them, in terms of making the Rangers a legit contender.

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