Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Parcells has no answers for The Meltdown in DC

In a revelation that stunned exactly no one, the Pear-Shaped "Football Genius" offered no substantive explanation for his team's failure to show up on Sunday.

"It wasn't good. The game just got further and further away," he said. Gee, thanks, Bill. I hadn't noticed. You're not the Pear-Shaped "Football Genius" for nothing.

Ty Walker has taken over posting duties from Sturm for this week, and he's got something. More pictures than Sturm usually posts (I like pictures), and he agrees with me on Tuna-Boy's relationship with the so-called Sporting Press in Dallas:

For that matter, do we really ever get any real information out of him?
Most of the time the assembled media at Bill's press conferences are too scared
or too worried about being his buddy to ask him anything that might get
something of substance. (See Jean Jacques Taylor, Clarence Hill, Jennifer Engel
or any of the other butt-kissers roaming around Valley Ranch.) I know Bill's
normally gonna blow the tough questions off, but don't you have to at least ask
them occasionally?

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