Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pro football preview

Since the colleges teams are busy taking their finals (no, really, they are - I'm totally serious), we'll go right to the pros this week:

Chicago @ Pittsburgh - We finally get to see if the Bears are really really for real. I don't think they are. I like the Steelers here, and probably big.

Colts @ Jacksonville - 13-0? Probably. They're not going undefeated, but this is not where they're going to lose. I suspect that either San Diego or Seattle, and possibly both, will have the honor of ending the Colts' perfect season. Not the Jags.

Houston @ Tennessee - The most confusing game of the weekend. I still think of the Titans as the Oilers. The Texans are soooo bad. The Titans in a landslide in this one.

Giants @ Philadelphia - The Eagles have quit. The crowd will probably start booing during warm-ups. I think the only drama left for the Eagles is waiting to see when Andy Reid finally blows his stack

KC @ Dallas - It's time to face facts: The Cowboys are very average. The O line is breaking down and is exposing Bledsoe for what he is: An aging, immobile QB who has never grasped the fact that he can't hold the ball for more than a few seconds. The Cowboy defense is serious, and the return of Anthony Henry will help improve things significantly on that side of the ball. If the offensive line can block a little, the 'Boys have a chance. If they continue the abysmal play we saw last week, forget it.

Comedic Value Game of the Week - As usual, there are many contenders. Try as I might to pare it down to one, I just can't. Thus, we have the unprecedented three-fer:

Detroit @ Green Bay - This is your Sunday night game, and I think Desperate Housewives is a repeat. Fortunately for me, I'll be on an airplane during this dog. I hope the rest of you have some laundry to do. Maybe you can get a jump on your taxes.

New Orleans @ Atlanta - Another crap Monday night game. I really feel bad for Al Michaels. He has to spend 4 hours in the booth with Madden (whom I suspect has a tremendous case of BO), watching garbage like this. Atlanta will kill the pitiful Saints. Why would anyone want to return to the Crescent Toilet?

Oakland @ Jets - Ace said it best earlier this week - the J-E-T-S sure do S-U-C-K. He thinks they need Vince Young. I think they need an exorcist and/or a plane crash (wow, that was dark - sorry. Not really in the spirit of the season, is it?).

I'm not going to top that last line, so we'll end here. Go (your team here)!

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