Monday, December 05, 2005

Panic in North Texas!!

North Texas is under a Winter Storm Watch for Tues night and Wed, thus sparking a possible-snow-panic among the citizenry.

This cracks me up.

Going near a grocery store tomorrow evening will be akin to driving the lane against the 2004 Pistons. Haus-fraus and business casual dads will be fighting back nervous terror as they storm the aisles containing staples. They'll be laying in huge stocks of bread, milk, and toilet paper as they prepare to be stranded in their homes for hours (minutes?) by a quarter inch of snow.

People from the Snow Belt of northern Arkansas (a veritable winter-wonderland in comparison) will be ruefully shaking their heads in wonder.

The panic-inducing newscasts should start tonight. By noon tomorrow, they'll probably switch to the fancy "Winter Blast 2005" graphics and, if the temp drops below 35 degrees, they'll upshift into wall-to-wall coverage.

We here at CIT will do our best to remain calm and will be reporting on the silliness as it occurs. Stay tuned.

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