Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hot Sports Opinion on Damon-to-Yankees

Beth from Cursed to First has the hottest of Hot Sports Opinions regarding the Boston media's reaction to Damon's defection to the Evil Empire. A sample:
Wow. My blood pressure just zoomed into the red zone reading that again,
even though I knew it was coming this time. I really can hardly stand it. I's bullshit. It's just bullshit. Apparently we've never lost a free
agent before? Apparently there's never been a hole to fill in the off-season
before? I'd like to see just how many other MLB teams "know" they have the Red
Sox, with their $130 million payroll, playoffs three years in a row, among the
largest sports markets in the United States, and recent World Series
championship, "over a barrel."

At risk of sounding like I'm straight out of 1998, you GO, girl!

Read the whole thing!

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