Sunday, December 11, 2005

Matt Morris will not be a Ranger

The tale of Rangers' pitching woes continues, as Matt Morris has replied with a friendly, "Thanks, but no thanks" to the Rangers' offer of 3 years and $25 million.

While this packs all the wallop of a 1986-vintage Mike Tyson right to the body, I can't really find fault with the Rangers' approach to the pursuit. And this from me, who finds fault with the Rangers' handling of the traffic lights at Ballpark Way and the I-30 service road.

The Rangers went to three years, which is longer than the other Morris suitors at the time. You can't fault the dough. This is Matt Morris, not Cy Young. There's not much the Rangers could have done differently. Except maybe fire Buck Showalter, but that's not happening any more than two other possible fixes: Moving to a new ballpark or the NL.

So, what's left? Washburn, Millwood, or Weaver? All clients of the Baseball Antichrist. Jon Daniels may have to do his best Daniel Webster and venture into the Newport Beach Underworld. Yikes. A trade remains the best possibility, but who's on the block?

The clock's a-tickin'.

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