Friday, August 08, 2008

Where was I? Let me continue....

I am a thick azure
And I breathe in time
With my wife’s gentle snore.

I descend into the shape
Of Mickey Mouse’s Ears.
A Dead Rat stuck rigormortis half out of his hole.


The soft downy fur of the Firefly.
The snap pea apple tang of Eric Dolphy’s saxophone
Calling, a siren
And me, sitting on my son’s bed reading superhero comic books together
Milk to the left of me
Garlic Powder to my right
A Claw Hammer under his pillow.

I believe the dew on my wife’s upper lip is a reflection of her love for me
An indication of her embrace.


I am the Ruby Cyclops
Lumbering through the ages
Pawing Potassium Pills
And Rocky Road ice cream
Into the Black Hole of my face

Turning my one bloodshot eye
From the road.

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