Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olympics: Security forces take the gold, terrorists go home empty-handed

Prior to the Olympics, I was wondering about the chess match between Chinese security forces and the whole slew of terror groups who would have like to have made a big, messy splash during the fortnight.

Obviously, the security forces did their job, and did it so effectively that you heard nothing about any sort of credible threat throughout the games. Other than that one nut who killed the father-in-law of the US volleyball coach before topping himself off, you didn't even hear about a purse-snatching.

Running a police state certainly helps maintain public order. Did you happen to see the men's marathon? There was a cop about every 10 feet along the entire 26 miles.

Regardless, the good guys (um, I think they're "good guys" - I don't know what my opinion of the Chinese really is right now) won this round. I worry about Vancouver - the Canadians strike me as pretty laid back, and it is one spiffy little target. I worry a lot about London, but have more faith in the Brits than anyone this side of the Israelis. The simple fact is that every international gathering has a big bulls-eye painted on it, and the boys and girls in the security services have to hustle to stay one step ahead.

So far, so good.

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