Thursday, August 21, 2008

The most important article you will read this decade

The headline is not hyperbole.

The cover story in this month's Wired magazine (the greatest magazine ever in the history of ever, but that's another story) is about a man named Shai Agassi and his company, a little outfit called Better Place.

You need to know about this guy. You need to know about this company.

Agassi and Better Place are going to break our dependence on fossil fuels. And they're going to do it soon.

Better Place is involved in electric cars. No, they're not building souped-up golf carts. They're not even building the cars. Better Place is going to build the new paradigm.

They are going to build charging stations, they are going to build battery swap-out stations. And they are going to sell you a service plan which allows you to drive your electric car, built by GM, or Nissan, or whoever, for as long as you want to. The service plan you buy will be a lot like your cell phone plan. You'll be billed for usage, or you'll pay a flat fee for X amount of electrons, or you'll buy a premium service plan which allows you unlimited juice and a new battery whenever you want it.

Better Place is going to be the company Exxon-Mobil should be.

Agassi has already signed deals with the governments of Israel and Denmark, which will give him and his company tax breaks to help build the infrastructure. The US is not too terribly interested at this point. But we will be.

Folks, it's coming. Agassi is handling the transportation/consumption end. Boone Pickens is evangelizing about the supply end. And My Hero Al Gore is keeping this stuff front and center.

My good, sweet Lord. I can't wait!

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