Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daily YouTube: Inside McCain's brain

It's difficult for me to admit this, but I am not mature enough to handle a hot woman running for Vice President...

Then there is this.

And, in a related story (I apologize for everything):


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness we are all concerned with the fact that this woman is even more inexperienced than I am to run this country -- JOHN MCCAIN IS 72 YEARS OLD FOR FUCK'S SAKE -- we are talking a heartbeat away from the President, not a throbbing member away. I am more than horrified by this. "Govenor, you are no Hilary Clinton." Plus, honestly, do you really think she is hot??? Really? Just look at her. The most amazing thing, I guess, is that there is either going to be an African-American or a woman in power after this election. I guess that is something. But really, Sarah Palin? How many pain pills is McCain on?

PHE said...

I do think she's hot, at least "political hot", where the scale is somewhat different. Regardless, she has a bit of that "naughty librarian" thing going.

Inexperienced? Sure. She's at least been a governor. You know, an executive. Not for long, I'll grant you, but it's something.

I'm not at all saying I'm voting Republican this time around. I may very well not. Believe me, John McCain does very little for me, and I am certainly not voting based on his choice for VP, regardless of who he/she might be.

I am saying this is a BRILLIANT move by McCain. A great headline grab, an opportunity to get some of his issues out on the table, and he's completely stolen the Dem's thunder, at least in the short term.

My gosh, the far left is wetting themselves over this. Did you see Kos go all Weekly World News over the weekend, how Palin's youngest child was actually birthed by the daughter? Talk about taking your eye off the ball! McCain has managed to make them lose focus on the issues and go down a path which will alienate many more thoughtful supporters.

Besides, she makes my pants feel funny.