Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav: Can we stop rebuilding now?

As New Orleans empties, the Corp of Engineers stockpiles supplies because they know the levies won't hold, and the D/FW Metroplex of Love braces for both evacuees and rain, we once again ask the question: Why did we rebuild New Orleans? Are we going to do it again?

Can we please just face facts that abysmally corrupt cities cannot survive below sea-level on a hurricane-prone landfill? Can we just realize, once and for all, that God does not support New Orleans, and has given us some rather large hints over the years to express His displeasure?

If Ray Nagin appears on TV telling us we have to dig deep to rebuild the city, that our culturural history demands we save New Orleans, I am going to send him a bill for my time. Seriously.

Look at that track, for God's sake.

I think I'll probably turn off my sprinklers for a few days...

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