Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lou Reed and Metal Machine Music

I have always been scared of Lou's Album "Metal Machine Music" because, due to circumstances beyond my control, stress makes me wonky -- seriously bent -- crawling on the floor trying to find answers to math problems that are missing pertinent information, open heartfelt soul crying, lying on the street at 2 in the morning wondering if the cars fly, having conversations with the dogs.

And "Metal Machine Music" is all about stress.

So I have avoided it.

But I recently have been reading a collection of Lester Bang's rock reviews from the 1970's, and he has given me the clear eyed touch to attempt the experience. His review (read it or die!) puts the entire cluster f&$# in perspective, and I now understand why I had felt fear in the past.

I have chains to tie me to the chair. I have a heavy wooden bowl next to my head for the blood to congeal in. I am wearing especially tight pants. I have shaved my chest to keep it from bursting into flames.

I am ready.

Bring it on.

I love you Lou

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