Monday, November 13, 2006

Tales From the Dark Side: Today's Theme is "Crap"

I'll admit it's not easy to come up with a whole bunch of darkness regarding Cowboys 27 - Cardinals 10. The Cowboys pretty much had their way with the silly little Cardinals and, other than the injury to Greg Ellis, not much went wrong.

So, that's "crap" #1 - it was a tough day for Dark Siders.

Instead, let's focus our doom-and-gloom gaze on the larger picture this week.

Someone please tell me what there is to be excited about for this year and for this team? I can come up with a few possibilities, but I can just as quickly dash all of those possibilities to small, tiny, shattered pieces.

Do you want to feel good about Romo? Through three games, he's done as well as you could hope, hasn't he? I mean, you have to throw out that second half against the Giants, don't you?

Or do you?

Weren't the Giants really the only decent defense he's seen? Carolina's defense is pretty good, you say. Is it? They get some pressure from their front four, sure, but what else do they have? The Redskins and the Cardinals? Are you kidding?

That's "crap" #2.

The running game has been ok, hasn't it? Yeah, actually it has. Both J. Jones and MBIII have had reasonably good, if remarkably quiet, seasons. I genuinely like both of these guys, so it's hard for me to trash them. However, I don't think the Cowboys can run effectively enough to win consistently. They need to throw, and if the passing game isn't there, I don't see the run giving them enough to beat some of the teams left on the schedule. The Colts, Giants, Bucs, Saints, and maybe Eagles and Falcons all are going to be tough to beat without scoring a bunch of points.

Crap #3.

How about that "Doomsday III" defense? They showed something yesterday, didn't they? Oh, come on. The Cardinal offense is SUCH crap. They've got a couple of receivers, a running back, and maybe a QB, but they have the worst O line in the league (and that's not just my opinion - the great Larry Brown, Super Bowl MVP, said exactly those words on the pre-game show yesterday). The Cowboy D dominated the Cardinals? Whoopeee. The Hutto Hippos probably could too.

Crappy crap.

Parcells is a genius, and knows how to build a team and win big games, doesn't he? Oh really? What has he done around here which would indicate he's anything more than a fat guy with anger and control issues? What's so much better than when he got here? Which draft choices have really impressed you? Spears or Ware? Where did they go? Bobby Carpenter actually got on the field yesterday, so I guess that's something. Is your O line any better? Bwahahahahaha. Not so much.

Crappity crap crap.

Yes, the Cowboys thoroughly thrashed the woeful little Cardinals. Don't get too excited, sheepies. I see six losses left on the schedule, maybe more. It still says 6-10 right here, buddy boy.

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