Friday, November 10, 2006

Football Friday - TO's Got the Dropsies Edition

The weeks just fly by at this time of year, don't they? We're less than two weeks from Thanksgiving - how did that happen?

While there are no knock-your-mama-out match ups this weekend, there are some games of note. So, let's get to it:


Nebraska @ A&M (Pick) - I guess I'm an A&M hater, but I don't get it. How is this game down to pick? Who have they beaten? Well, they aren't beating the Cornhuskers, not even at Kyle Field. I will take Nebraska, and I don't think it's close.

Tennessee @ Arkansas (-6) - Redneck Game of the Week? While Arkansas isn't really the Deep South (at least not to me), I think it probably is. Both teams are working in new QBs this week, so it's likely to be a messy one. Tennessee keeps disappointing me, so I'd lay the points. And look forward to halftime, when the bands have a showdown, both playing Roger Miller's Chug A Lug at top volume while the fans try to polish off their Mason jars fulla 'shine.

Georgia @ Auburn (-12) - This ought to be Redneck Game of the Week, except Georgia is truly showing it's a** this year. Sorry, Johnny G., your Dawgs suck. I like Auburn by about 20.

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (-9) - I made a promise not to bet against Bob Stoops for the rest of the year, and I won't, even though 9 points makes me a bit queasy.

Texas @ K St (+16) - I keep waiting for Colt McCoy to play like a redshirt freshman. He hasn't done it yet, and there's no reason to think he will against sorry Kansas State. I'm gonna keep going Burnt Orange (which I readily admit is the worst color this side of the old Tampa Bay Buc's day-glo) until they make me regret it.

Boston University vs. the latest fare increase on the T - What do they think this is? New York?


Chargers (-1) @ Cincinnati - I really tried to get on the Bengals' bandwagon earlier in the season. I have no idea what's gone wrong there, but something clearly has. Give me the latter-day LT to have a big ol' honkin' day.

Baltimore (-7) @ Tennessee - Think Mr. McNair has a thing or two to prove to the Titans? The jury is still out on Vince Young. I still think he's a failed bit in the pros, but time will tell. I'm giving up a lot of points this week, but I have to go Ravens here.

New Orleans @ Pittsburgh (-4.5) - I still want to believe in the Saints, and Pittsburgh's wheels are so off. I think I'm going to regret this one, but give me New Orleans.

Washington @ Philadelphia (-7) - I think both of these teams suck, but I sure like Donovan McNab vs. geezing Mark Brunell. Seven points is a lot here, but I'll lay it.

Chicago @ NYG (-1) - Chicago, maybe a bit over-rated? Their defense is great, but what, exactly, has Rex Grossman ever done? This should be a good game, and I'm leaning towards the Giants.

Dallas (-7) @ Arizona - While I'll be pulling for the Cardinals (can you IMAGINE how much fun the Dark Side post will be if the Cowboys lose here?), there is NO WAY I would EVER bet on them. Why does Denny Green keep getting jobs? What has he ever done? There's talent on this Cardinal team, but they need a new coach and a total karma transplant. It makes my teeth hurt to say this, but give me the Cowboys.

Comedic Value Game of the Week - San Fran @ Detroit - The schedule makers must have laughed themselves silly when they lined this one up. The real reason Ford is failing now? They put their name on the Lion's stadium. God doles out punishment of the highest order to those who support crappy teams.

Go (insert your team here)!

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