Thursday, November 02, 2006

Football Friday - Tony Romo Looks Just Like My Nephew (age 5) Edition

I swear to God, Romo looks exactly like my 5-year-old nephew. It's sorta surreal. I expect to see him running around in a pair of yellow Crocs every time I see him.

Well, never mind that. We've got us some football games to pick. And we have a lot of ground to make up from last week's 4-8 disaster. Onward!


Texas @ OK St (+17) - The Texas defense is showing some a** lately. I think the 'Horn offense is good for a bunch of points - Colt McCoy may wind up being one of the great Texas QBs before he's done. But that defense - I dunno. I think I'd go with the points this week.

Ball St (+38.5) @ Michigan - So, I guess the trick is to schedule your patsies later in the season. Michigan will wipe out Ball St, just like Texas did Sam Houston State a while back. The difference is Michigan won't go into free-fall in the polls because it's too late to penalize them. Everyone paying attention? BTW - I'll take Michigan, although I hate like HELL giving up all those points.

Mississippi St (+15) @ Alabama - Waaaahoooooo! The Redneck Game of the Week is right here, baby! Every time Alabama scores, you're supposed to kiss your sister. Every time Mississippi St scores, you're supposed to kiss your girlfriend. And you can see this punchline coming from 10 miles away, so I won't bother. Give me the Crimson Tide here.

Florida (+12.5) @ Middle Tennessee - This has GOT to be a misprint in the Thurs DMN. Jump on it, man!

Oklahoma @ A&M (+3) - The Aggies are 8-1, but that is the fakest 8-1 in the nation. Oklahoma surprised the you-know-what out of me last week. I should know better than to bet against the superior sports brain of Bob Stoops. Sorry, Coach. It won't happen again.

Boston University vs. the horrible Astro-Turf at Nickerson Field - The worst turf burn of my life came on that damn lousy rug in the spring of 1984. My leg still stings from it. I can't imagine getting drilled into it by 5 200-lb guys on a rainy, 35 degree December Saturday. Maybe that's the real reason BU killed football?


Indianapolis (+3) @ New England - Game of the Week. Zowie, this should be good. Peyton and Colts killed the Pats last year. I kinda don't think so this year (well, to be honest, I didn't think so last year either). Go Pats!

Cleveland (+12.5) @ Chargers - I don't know why, but when I think of this game, I immediately think of the great Curt Gowdy. Don't ask. Point spreads over 10 always get my attention in the NFL. I don't like Cleveland, but I do like the points.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay (+1) - Give me New Orleans. I still want to believe.

Cincinnati (+3) @ Baltimore - What has happened to the Bengals? I really thought they had found something. The Raven defense is looking fairly scary, and this is no place to try to get your offensive wheels back on. I'm gonna lay the points. Go Baltimore. Whee.

Dallas @ Washington (+3) - As mentioned in Monday's Dark Side post (a stellar piece of insightful analysis, if you haven't read it), with this Cowboy team, despair is only a week away. I think despair checks back in at Valley Ranch. Since Joe Gibbs remembered he has Clinton Portis, the Redskins' offense is showing life again.

Comedic Value Game of the Week - Packers @ Buffalo is the funniest game on the slate this week. What do you think - 20,000 in the stands? I might take the under on that.

Go (insert your team here)!

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