Thursday, November 02, 2006

AT&T NFL promo – a bit creepy?

I’ve been hearing the ads for AT&T’s latest NFL promotion, and it’s got me a bit creeped out.

Probably, you’ve heard it as well – it’s the one where you get to take online tours of the homes of various NFL players past and present. Roy Williams of the Cowboys, Deion, AJ Hawk, and some others are participating.

I guess this is appealing to some folks. MTV Cribs is (or was) pretty big and did basically the same thing. But, I gotta tell you, it sorta weirds me out

Why on Earth am I supposed to be so impressed with Deion Sanders that I need to see what his backyard looks like? Am I going to learn something profound by getting a look at Roy Williams’ taste in kitchen décor?

Would you be interested in seeing inside the home of the custodian at your kid’s elementary school? That guy/gal has more of a daily impact on your kid’s life than AJ Hawk. How about the housekeeping habits of the dude/dudette who rings up your groceries or mixes your latte? A mistake made by that person probably has more direct impact on you than a blown coverage by Roy Williams.

If you were to take this much interest in the average, spare dude or chick, you’d find yourself on the receiving end of a restraining order pretty quickly. If you tried to get this kind of look at their living quarters, you’d probably find yourself a guest of the state for five-to-seven.

I’m all for being a fan, and for watching what these guys are capable of on the field. But this sort of hero-worship has always made me uncomfortable.

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