Thursday, November 23, 2006

Football Friday-ish - The Thanksgiving slate

In a big ol' honkin' hurry, as the wife has turned the kitchen into a recreation of the Somme. However, there are three games today (only two of which I'll get to see, more in a moment). So, onward!

Miami @ Detroit (+2.5) - Good Lord, what a time-waste. Time for my annual rant on why Detroit rates a Thanksgiving game. I like the cheese tray over the chips'n'dip by two cocktail napkins, and I'll go with the over on the 2 Blue Paddle lagers. Wake me up when this one is over.

Tampa Bay (+11) @ Cowboys - I readily admit the Cowboys showed me something on Sunday, but 11 points? Are you kidding? I think there's a good chance the Cowboys are drinking their own Kool-Aid, and Tony Romo is making his reservations in Honolulu. I'll take the points.

Denver (+1) @ KC - The best game of the day, and, thanks to the money-induced pissing contest between Time Warner and the NFL, I'll get to listen to this one on the radio. I'm actually with Time Warner on this one - I'd pay for the NFL Network, and I don't think everyone should get it and get their rates jacked up if they don't want it. Regardless, in this fight, the consumer is the only loser. Jerks. I like KC, by the way. Jake (The Fake) Plummer is always looking for a good excuse to choke, and this is one of the better ones.

Go (insert your team here)!

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