Monday, November 20, 2006

A glimpse of the future

I've been catching up on some favorite blogs (This is a whole other post - if you're not using an RSS reader to pull down some of the fantastic goodness available in the blogosphere, you really should be. Go get yourself a free Bloglines or NewsGator subscription and get with it already!), and ran across a great post on Brad Feld's blog.

Brad, in case you didn't know, is an uber-successful tech VC who, due to his no kids and extremely understanding wife, has the time, background, curiosity, and access to play with all the new toys. He's also a great spotter of useful, practical stuff, and is quick to call B.S. on overhyped junk.

With all that introduction, here's the gist of the post: A few of Brad's friends and frat brothers (MIT, I believe) are hard at work on the next generation of computer user interface (UI), which will replace the current keyboard and mouse (also known as WIMP - Window, Icon, Menu, Pointing device).

Start thinking about using gestures, hand movements, and speech to navigate through information. Done well, this will be MUCH more intuitive and easy-to-learn than the current paradigm. We take it for granted, and kids pick it up easily, but when you think about it a bit, keyboard and mouse? How much sense does that make?

Go read the whole thing!

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