Friday, September 01, 2006

Cowboys off to a GREAT start

For those of us on the Dark Side, last night's final preseason game, which ended in a 10-10 tie with the Vikings, was chock full of promising signs.

The obvious ones are Mike Van de Velde (whoops, sorry - wrong sport) missing a couple of chip-shot field goals in OT, the torching of both corners on Minnesota's long TD drive, and the defense making Viking super-spare QB Brad Johnson into a front-runner for All-Pro laurels.

However, the sign that was most promising to me, but has gone largely unmentioned in this morning's coverage, was the manner in which the Vikings' defensive front had their way with the Cowboys' absolutely silly offensive line. We've mentioned the O line here before, so it comes as no surprise to us. The Cowboys' OL is still more-than-suspect. They enter the regular season guilty until proven innocent.

It's worth mentioning Bledsoe got his bell rung last night. Hopefully, it was nothing serious and he'll be OK for Jacksonville. It's good news for Cowboy sheep, er, I mean fans, that Romo has gotten some work this preseason and has looked pretty good. I am praying for Drew. I really like the guy and would hate to see him get permanently damaged by this terrible line.

TO behaved himself on the field, playing an unremarkable 15 to 20 plays and making one catch. However, according to those boys on The Ticket, The Incredible Me spent the annual Kick-Off Luncheon on his Blackberry, and had to be nudged by a teammate when Bledsoe took a shot at him from the podium.

Oh, it's going to be a WONDERFUL season!

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