Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Football Friday revisited

Just for the halibut, let’s take a look at how my prognostication worked out.


OSU @ Texas – Right. Unfortunately. Colt McCoy may turn out to be the greatest thing since Norm Van Brocklin, but he needs to get a few of these under his belt first.

PSU @ Notre Dame – Right

UGA @ South Carolina – Righty right.

Arizona @ LSU – So very, very wrong.

Texas Tech @ UTEP – Right enough. Not 90 points, but 70 anyway.

SMU @ North Texas – Boredom beat Tedium by five yawns instead of two. That counts.

U LA LA @ A&M – Ags are so proud. Not.


Cowboys @ Jags – Can I get an “amen”?

Cincinnati @ KC – I’m telling you, the Bengals are serious.

Vikings @ Redskins – Highlight of the night in DC was TomKat. And my pick. Yay, me.

San Diego @ Oakland – I sure did get a good night’s sleep. Thanks, ESPN.

Eagles @ Houston – Don’t get too excited, Philly. It’s only friggin’ Houston.

Bills @ Pats – Zowie. And they're off...

SF @ Arizona – Turned out to be a lot more fun than expected. Nice stadium, btw.

Just trying keep it all honest.

1 comment:

Steve Sanderlin said...

I'm real glad that stupid T.O. is going to "be a better teammate" now.

Don't bash Philly. You lost to the Jaguars. You're not allowed to speak any more.

Pathetic. I hope that T.O. doesn't start acting like the other Cowboys players, you know, with the drugs and killing and all...