Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Random, depressing thought of the day

Does electing a competent President in 2008 increase the likelihood of more terrorist operations in the US?

I think it does.

AQ and their fellow travelers have been content to watch GWB dig his own political grave. He hasn’t needed much help from them. In fact, I think they’re smart enough to know that another spectacular attack on US soil probably gives Bush all kinds of support and makes his job significantly easier in many ways.

When there’s someone new in the White House, however, I think they’re likely to try some shenanigans again. They’ll want to turn the pressure up on the new guy (or gal – I’m not saying it’s what I want, but it’s certainly possible) quickly. Moreso if the new guy/gal shows signs of making sense, disengaging from Iraq, and moving the country towards energy independence.

We damn well better be ready. From a security perspective, I doubt we are. From a public and political will perspective, I know we are not.

Sorry to be depressing…

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