Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Lost" is back – good news or bad news?

Oh dear. I see in today’s DMN TV Section that "Lost" is back at 9:00 Central on good old Channel 8 HD. After a pause of several months, we’ve got 16 weeks of non-stop new episodes along with the promise of the producers to GET THINGS MOVING.

When we left the Mystery Islands (there are at least two, if you will recall) back in Oct or whenever it was, Jack was letting the bug-eyed dude (Ben? I can’t remember) bleed on the operating table and demanding Kate and Sawyer be let go. This, about 3 seconds before Sawyer was going to be on the receiving end of Excedrin Headache #357. Good timing. We had met Juliet, whose motives are somewhat murky and whose cheekbones look like they would deflect armor-piercing rounds. And we learned some of the Others have major anger-management issues.

We found out Sun is an exceptional liar, and is preggo with the bald, dead dude’s baby, not Jin’s. No miracle there. Desmond appears to be able to predict the future – I wonder who he likes in the AL West this year? Locke has his spiritual legs back under him, if you’ll allow me at least 3 bad jokes in one sentence. And, by my count, Bernard is the only Tailie still on this end of the daisies, assuming Cindy and the others who got nabbed by the Others (the real Others, if you will, as opposed to the other others – God this is confusing) are expired other other Others, or somesuch.

All this is a long, confusing way of saying I have no idea WHAT is going on. I’m still in – I’ve invested a significant amount of time in this mess and can’t just bail. But, with that said, this show is on VERY thin ice with me. Something MAJOR has to happen in about the first 10 minutes tonight for me to stick with it.

Anyone really believe that? No? Me either. It sounded good, though, didn’t it? Time to program the DVR again. Dang it. I wish I had some will power.

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