Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gas up to $3 this summer?

According to Wired’s Autopia blog, gas prices are headed for the north-of-$3-a-gallon realm again this summer. If you don’t have some of your portfolio in oil stocks by now, what are you waiting for? Exxon looks to be on their way to another record year in 2007.

We’re still paying on both of our vehicles (an Expedition and an Escape – ouch), so I’m sorta stuck vehicle-wise for the moment. However, prices at this level mean the next modes of transportation around the CIT compound are going to be selected, in large part, based on fuel source and cost.

Gas is not going to go below $2 a gallon again, at least not until the electric car powered by safe nuclear plants, wind, tide, etc are the norm.

Personally, I hope we get to this point in my lifetime. Sure, it would be great to be able to drive for fractions of pennies per mile, but that’s not really the reason I want to hang around to see it. Mostly, I want to see Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and other oil-rich international troublemakers stuff their oil wells up their wazoos.

And, by the way, that lovely scenario will happen. It’s not “if”. It’s “when”.

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Steve said...

Calculate how much you spend on fuel per month and figure out what your "dump" price is on at least one of your SUVs.

I took a couple thousand hit on dumping my Escape... but it's more than made up for it in fuel savings.

Get a Prius!