Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Norwegian doomsday vault

Here’s a nutty one: Norway is about to begin construction of a huge vault buried in a mountain in the Arctic. The vault, dug straight into the side of Spitsbergen Mountain, 600+ miles above the Arctic Circle, is designed to hold seeds for every known crop plant on Earth.

The vault is clearly designed to withstand just about any natural or man-made catastrophe imaginable. It sits 400+ feet above sea level, just in case Antarctica melts and raises the level of the oceans by 200 or so feet. The inner seed vault is in the center of the frozen mountain, where the temperature stays around 28 degrees, regardless of man-made refrigeration or outside temp. And, the most telling point, the whole thing is designed to operate with no human maintenance whatsoever.


Well, be sure to circle the Svalbard Islands on your survival map. When The End comes, you’ll want to know where to go to replant yer taters.

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