Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Palestinian statehood – Boston Globe says “I don’t think so”

Jeff Jacoby, writing in the Globe Op-Ed section, wonders “… has any population ever been less suited for statehood than the Palestinians?”

He goes on to answer his own question with a resounding “no”.

To say this piece is uncharitable towards the Palestinians is like saying PW Botha was uncharitable towards blacks. However, I think it’s pretty accurate.

The Palestinians have had a defacto state in Gaza since 2005. Are you ready to fill out the change-of-address cards and move the family there? No? Are you, perhaps, a little concerned about the non-stop Palestinian-on-Palestinian violence? Are you worried about the abject poverty and near-hopeless economic situation, despite the billions of dollars in international aid delivered to the PA over the past few years? Are you a little depressed about the seeming non-existence of a competent, rational group or individual in leadership?

Yep, those Palestinians sure are doing a great job with their state, aren’t they?

Read the whole thing!

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