Monday, January 22, 2007

Unfortunately, she used her powers for evil

Stacey Finley, a 34-year-old Louisiana resident, has pleaded guilty to defrauding as many as 22 people out of close to $1 million dollars over the past six years.

Finley claimed to be able to arrange satellite scans of the suckers, er, I mean “victims”, which would reveal hidden medical conditions. Once the scan was complete, Finley would arrange for CIA agents to enter the victim’s home and administer secret medications to them while they slept.

The prosecutor in the case described Finley as a “…cult-like, charismatic personality who could convince the victims this scam was real…”

Charismatic? Heck, that’s underselling her big-time. This is the Jedi mind trick. What a gift she has.

Of course, it is Louisiana...

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