Friday, January 12, 2007

Becks comes to America

World's best-known footballer, ultra celeb-athlete, well-married, so-physically-blessed-by-the-Lord-God-that-he-makes-Gay-Rod-look-like-a-snivelling-high-school-girl, living human brand-name David Beckham is leaving Real Madrid, arguably the top football club on Earth, and coming to play for the LA Galaxy of the American Major League Soccer (MLS), arguably a middle-rung team in a Class C league. He's reportedly signed a 5-year, $250 million contract to play and pitch various goods on these shores.

This is HUGE. It is, quite literally, the equivalent of Michael Jordan going to play his final 5 years in the Italian League.

Beckham has never been the world's flashiest footballer. His skills are actually sort of pedestrian compared to human highlight reels like Ronaldinho. He is, without a doubt, the greatest free-kicker of all time, but he's never been the fastest guy out there.

He is, however, the best-known footballer of all time, and, arguably, one of the top 3 best-known athletes on the planet (Tiger and Jordan being the other two). And, as such, this is a GRAND SLAM of the highest order for both the Galaxy and MLS. Every game Beckham plays in will be a sellout, TV rights will actually be worth something, and legions of new fans will flock to the game.

I love bold moves like this, especially since this one shows every indication of being a stroke of genius. Everyone involved should emerge a winner.

Bravo, Galaxy and MLS!

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