Friday, January 12, 2007

Football Friday - Divisional Playoff Edition

We're down to eight. I think all four teams left in the AFC have something. I'm not nearly as impressed with the NFC. Regardless, there are some games worth a stop-down this weekend, especially since it seems likely the DFW Metroplex of Love is going to be encased in ice for the next few days.


Colts (+4) @ Ravens - Baltimore has it goin' on on defense. The Colts, potentially, have it goin' on on offense. This SHOULD be a great struggle. However, Peyton and his mates forgot to show up last week, and there's no guarantee they're back for this one. Defense rules this time of year. Give me the Ravens.

Eagles (+6) @ Saints - I am on the Saints' bandwagon, and will be pulling for them like crazy against the hated Beagles. I think they've got the touch. HOWEVER, they are still the Saints, they still play in the Super Dome, site of some nutty curse or another, and it's really tough to believe they are where they are. Six points is a bunch to lay, but if I'm gonna be on the bandwagon, I gotta do it.

Seahawks (+9) @ Chicago - The only thing the Seahawks proved against the Cowboys is they are slightly less chokish. Seattle and Chicago both seem like teams built of straw. One good punch, and I think either of them can fold. I have so little faith in Rex Grossman that I'm going to take the points, and would not be surprised at all if Seattle wins outright.

Pats (+4.5) @ San Diego - Now THIS is a playoff game. This one ought to be at pick, if you ask me, and that's why I'm going with the Pats. Well, that and a slight sentimentality, always fatal to the gambler (which, I must reiterate, I am not). Don't bother calling during this one - I'm not answering the phone for the duration. I think this is your Super Bowl, right here.

I made my emergency trip to the grocery for supplies, so I'm ready to be stranded in the house for days. As long as the power and the cable hold out, bring it on!

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