Friday, January 05, 2007

Football Friday - Wildcard Edition

Oooh. "Wildcard." Sounds cool, doesn't it? "We're a WILDCARD team. Anything can happen. Watch out."

It's Wildcard Weekend in the National Robot League, and, no doubt, excitement abounds, somewhere...

Kansas City (+7) @ Indianapolis - Can the Colts defense stop anyone? Are they, after the Cowboys, the worst defense in the playoffs? We shall see - Larry Johnson is a load, and the Colts have shown no inclination to slow down anyone's running game. On the other hand, Peyton and Co can certainly score points. It's a tough one to call, but I'm going to take the seven and go with KC.

Jets (+8.5) @ Pats - It seems like the Pats have figured it out. And who the heck are the Jets anyway? I know, I know, everyone has underestimated the Jets this year. I just have too much faith in The Guy in the Crappy Hooded Sweatshirt and his Storm Troopers.

Giants (+7) @ Eagles - This is the only easy bet for me. The Eagles have impressed me a bunch the last few weeks, and the Giants are in a free-fall that approaches the one the Cowboys are in. I think there's a good chance this turns into a rout. Look for extreme ugliness in the City of Brotherly Shove, both on the field and in the stands.

Cowboys (+3) @ Seattle - Wow, this is a tougher call than it should be. On one hand, the Cowboy D has got to be the most demoralized group this side of the Palestinian Authority. On the other hand, Seattle is so tapped for defensive backs that they're probably going to start Pete Hunter. Is this a playoff game or a reality TV show? Well, it wouldn't be the Dark Side without an anti-Cowboy pick, although I do think there's an outside chance the Cowboys prolong the agony for another week.

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