Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hey. We're back!

Whoa. Sorry. I meant to take last weekend off from blogging, and it turned into an entire-week hiatus.

So, we're back. How about a few quick-hittie items by way of catch up:
  • The Palestinians are trying to kill each other. Again. Now Abbas is calling for new elections ASAP. I'm sure the Hamas boys will not be too thrilled with that.
  • Judith Regan, the genius behind OJ's planned "If I Did It" book, got canned by Murdoch yesterday. There is some justice left in the world.
  • In Cowboy news, the humiliation by the Saints warmed my heart. Nearly as much fun was Quincy Carter's latest drug bust (bailed out by Grampa Urine of all people) and the unveiling of the $1 billion Jerry Dome earlier this week. Whee!
  • It took Florida 34 minutes and two injections to kill convicted murderer Angel Nieves Diaz the other day. You would think Floridians would be really good at dispensing medication, but apparently not. I'm not sure if Diaz's thoughts were along the "Hurry up" line or the "Keep screwing around" line.
We'll be back to regular posting in the next day or two. In the meanwhile, Happy Hanukkah to all!

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