Wednesday, December 20, 2006

al-Zawahri’s video blog – a new post!

AQ#2 (not to be confused with Dr. Evil’s Number 2) Ayman al-Zawahri released the latest post to his video blog recently. So far, he’s published 15 installments since the beginning of the year, which is only impressive when you remember he’s got to shoo goats out of his studio whenever he wants to record something.

In his latest reasonable, thoughtful, consensus-building missive, al-Zawahri opines that elections of any sort in Palestine are a recipe for defeat. Only through armed struggle and an Islamic constitution can Muslims win victory over the Jews and their masters (or is it puppets – I can never remember) in the West.

One thing you have to say for al-Zawahri – he’s consistent. A deluded, dangerous instigator of violence and intolerance, but consistent. In his rant, he condemns Israel and the US (of course), Abbas and Fatah (not surprising), and his occasional hermanos in Hamas, whom he says are betraying Islam by agreeing to a truce with Israel, recognizing Abbas as President of the PA, and not insisting on an Islamic constitution before joining the government, among other traitorous acts. Truly, it is al-Zawahri’s way or the highway, regardless of your track record, past pronouncements, or body count of innocent civilians (oops, I mean “unbelievers”) smoked in despicable, cowardly suicide bombings (oh darn, I mean “heroic martyrdom operations”).

I’m actually glad Delta Force and the SAS haven’t brought this character’s head back on a stick yet. al-Zawahri, in his hatred-stoking rants, serves as a wonderful reminder that the “War of Terror”, the execution of which has been botched beyond all recognition by GWB and co., still needs to be fought. Just because we’ve screwed it up doesn’t make the other guys right.

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