Friday, January 06, 2006

Virginia Tech gives Marcus Vick the boot

In a shocking move, Virginia Tech has kicked QB Marcus Vick of the football team for numerous legal problems and unsportsmanlike conduct in the Gator Bowl.

Vick was often brilliant on the field, but struggled in big games. He never became the sensation that his older brother Michael was. His off-the-field problems were significant, ranging from drug arrests to serving alcohol to minors to many driving infractions.

This is refreshing - a big-time football program actually kicking someone off the team for being a low-life almost never happens. However, you have to wonder just how sorry a human Vick really is to warrant this sort of punishment.

At any rate, look for Vick to enter the NFL draft this year. His more-talented older brother struggles in the NFL, so I don't hold out much hope for Marcus. He might make a decent receiver or defensive back, but I see no way he succeeds at QB in the pros.

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