Sunday, January 15, 2006

Top 5 current TV shows

Just for giggles, we'll be doing a series of posts ranking the top 5 or so entries in a number of categories. Movies, bands, all-time TV shows, sports moments, babes, you name it. If you have any suggestions, please pass 'em on.

To inaugurate the series, here's our Top 5 television shows currently in production:

5. Curb Your Enthusiasm - A lame most-recent season, but still better than just about anything on network TV.
4. The Sopranos - The first appointment TV show for me since the heyday of ER.
3. Da Ali G Show - All three characters are genius, and even better on DVD.
2. Entourage - Johnny Drama and Ari are the two best comedy characters on TV anywhere. I wish I had the stones to say, "Let's hug it out, bitch" in business conversation. I get the feeling that this is pretty much the way it is in big-time LA circles.
1. Lost - Well into the second season and still as mind-bendingly confusing, frustrating, and enthralling as ever.

Before you start with the hate mail, I have held 24 at arms length (personal thing regarding Kiefer Sutherland - I've never liked him or his dad in a single role), and have not succumbed to Deadwood either. I hear great things about both shows, but can't render a personal opinion either way.

Tune in again soon for our next "Top 5" installment.

UPDATE: It hit me like a bolt from the blue today, as the kids were turning on their daily dose of Nickelodeon. I completely forgot Fairly Odd Parents, the genius Butch Hartman cartoon on Nick about a hundred times a day. This show is such fast-paced nuttiness that I have more fun watching it than the kids do. Cosmo is one of the great characters of all time, there are many other great regulars (April Fool, Chip Skylark, the Pixies, Denzel Crocker, and Norm the Genie are some of my favorites), and I can do an excellent Jorgen Von Strangle imitation. This kicks Larry David off the list and comes in at a strong #5.

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Big Daddy Flotson said...

I actually agree with many of your choices. Although now that I no longer have a TV, I must defer to your wiser judgement. I noticed you omitted "H.R. Pufnstuf". I assume this was because you were only ranking current shows. When you do top 5 shows of all time, don't dis the "Puf". Also, let me know if you need someone to chime in on the top 5 works of literature, top 5 poems, or top 5 graphic novels. I'm chomping at the bit and feeling cocky enough to spew forth my simple opinion.