Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sean Payton is now an NFL head coach

Sean Payton, the Cowboy's offensive coordinator for the past few years, has taken the head coaching position in New Orleans.

As far as I know, Payton has never been punched out by Parcells on the sideline, but I guess Sean decided not to press his luck. I know these guys all aspire to be head coaches, and once you make it into the rotation, you're sure to be hired if you get fired, but I can't believe the head coach in New Orleans is a much-sought-after position. The Saints have a history of losing rivaled only by the Cardinals, and who the hell wants to live in New Orleans?

Regardless, I wish him success (such as it can be in that toilet) and good luck. Now, the Cowboys will launch a search for a new offensive coach. For my money, they could hire Shakes the Clown or a blow-up doll, since Parcells has been calling the plays himself for the past three years, regardless of what he says publicly.

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