Monday, July 07, 2008

Max Ramirez is one tough dude

I'm not about to start live-blogging Ranger games, but I do have to stop down and make mention of the double play just turned by the Rangers to end the Angels half of the 8th.

After Bill-Buckner-ing a slow roller to first, young Chris Davis redeemed himself by throwing an absolute screamer home to C Max Ramirez. Ramirez stood his ground, got BELTED by the runner, but held on to the ball for the out. Lying stunned on the ground, Ramirez obviously heard P Dustin Nippert hollering "Third!". Ramirez rose to his knees and threw a perfect strike down to third to get the man trying to take the extra base.

The Rangers are likely going to lose tonight, which sucks. However, this is what we're looking for this year - head's up, hard nosed plays by promising young players.

Good job, Max!

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